Last days in Kratche

Hello all!

Sorry for the delay in getting our posts up! The last few days have been wonderful but have been incredibly full so I apologize that I am just now putting this up for you all to see! Regardless of it being a few days late, here is a brief recap of our last day in Kratche and some of the things I have been processing in regards to the day’s events. So without further ado, I give you Kratche Day 8:

We began the day slightly later than usual with breakfast together at a nearby restaurant where we enjoyed pancakes and other delicious food. We then got our work gear and headed to the “Bamboo House” to work there for our final time. We worked for the entire morning finishing up several of our projects: digging drainage ditches, washing the exterior of the house, cleaning up our supplies from our week’s work, and of course dominating some killer fire ant hills and playing with a few scorpions in the process… You know. The usual. We were able to finish everything up and then we stepped back and took it all in for a few minutes before heading to lunch. Thanks be to God for the work that was able to be accomplished there over the last few days and for the way that work is preparing it to be a place to help nurture and raise up the next generation in Cambodia to love and serve the Lord and be well-equipped in their education as a part of that. I am so thankful for the opportunity that we had to serve and work alongside those that we will be investing in the ministry at this house long-term. It is a joy to know that this behind-the-scenes preparation is a small part of the Kingdom work God has in store for the Bamboo House. I am so excited and expectant about all that He will do there in years to come!

After lunch we headed to The Center for our final time. We spent the entire afternoon and evening enjoying time with our friends there and continuing to strengthen relationships made over the last week. Rather than teach lessons like we have all the previous days, we just simply spent unhurried time together laughing, playing, and enjoying one another’s company. The afternoon’s festivities included basketball and volleyball games, playing on the playground, many games of tag, playing music, painting, and, of course, lots of laughter and conversation. After a full afternoon of play we had dinner all together with the kids outside at the center and enjoyed a delicious meal and wonderful fellowship. After eating, we cleared all the tables away and brought speakers down and set up a sort of dance floor. We spent our final hours together with all the kids and staff having a superb dance party in which we were taught alot of new traditional Cambodian dance moves which we were terrible at but had a lot of fun trying our best to imitate. It was a blast to dance and laugh and jump around with all our friends at the Center on our final evening together. We then closed our time together with group prayer. We all prayed for one another and thanked God for His work in all of our lives and for allowing us to be brothers and sisters united in Him. Then, with much sadness, we gave hugs and said our goodbyes. There were tears shed and much sadness at saying goodbye, but there was a deep sense of joy underlying it all. We have such great hope and joy because of Christ, the God of the Nations, and it is because of Him that we have had the opportunity to build relationships here over the last week, with brothers and sisters in Christ who are growing and learning in Cambodia. And although it is sad to say goodbye,  we can have joy in the fact that we have been entrusted with these relationships and that no matter if we ever see each other again this side of Heaven, we will be spending eternity together worshipping Him and enjoying Him forever. And THAT is truly worth celebrating! I am sad to be leaving The Center and our new friends there, but I am so overwhelmingly grateful for the seeds that He has planted over the last few weeks, both in the hearts of the kids and staff here as well as the hearts of our team. I know that fruit will come as a result of those seeds and that the Spirit will see the growth through until completion in all of our lives who are trusting in Him. Praise Him for His faithfulness and presence with us as we have served here over the last few days! To Him be the glory for all the work that has been done, is being done, and will continue to be done at the Center, in Kratche, in Cambodia, and around the world! He is so worthy to be praised!

These are only several of the lingering things on my heart and mind as I reflect on today and they surely don’t do any of these events justice, but I just wanted to simply share them with you. Thank you so much for your prayers over the last few weeks and your continued prayers as we finish out our trip! Excited to tell you more stories in person when we all get home! Hope you are all well and sensing His nearness to you today wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Love to you all from Phnom Penh!

In His Joy,

Taylor Kelly and the rest of the Crew

Joshua 1:6-9


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